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Cyprus: where should you go for winter holidays?

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When the heat ends and the velvet season is over, people who have not yet been on vacation think: where should we go on holiday in late autumn or winter? Often, many tend to bind their journey to the traditional winter holidays. Not long ago, Cyprus was not considered as a place for a winter holiday, but is this true?

Christmas and New Year’s in Cyprus

Christmas in CyprusMany people believe that the New Year is required to be celebrated with snow. But I’ll tell you a secret, there is snow here in Cyprus. Here you can spend time on the mountains, enjoying the snow (which in Cyprus, in contrast to Russia, will fall at a certain time with a high probability) and sipping hot mulled wine by the fireplace in the cozy lounge on the mountain; and the other part of the holidays – on the coast, to bask in the warm sun. The weather in late December in Cyprus may be different, but there is a good chance you will meet the beautiful sun and perhaps some short-lived rain.

It should be noted that Christmas is celebrated with great respect in Cyprus, as well as other religious holidays. There is an abundance of sparkling lights in the streets and here and there are ornamented Christmas trees. Santa Claus travels to the cities during the Christmas week and gives presents to all children who he meets on his path.

Christmas decorations in Cyprus

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, most hotels offer special entertainment programs and gala dinners. The cost of the Christmas program at the level of a 5* hotel is around 100 euros and will include a lovely dinner and a certain number of alcoholic and soft drinks.

If you want to celebrate the New Year in the Russian way, many restaurants in Limassol and Paphos will give you this opportunity. Every year they organize a variety of programs with the participation of Russian artists and guest stars. Of course, you will manage a holiday without a television appearance of the President and the traditional fireworks. The cost of the Christmas program in restaurants in Cyprus is 80-100 euros, including a magnificent feast with traditional Russian snacks and hot meals and drinks.the Christmas fair in Limassol

During the Christmas and New Year week a variety of fairs is also held. The most popular Christmas market is in Limassol with swings and carousels for children at the Limassol Music Christmas Fair. There is also a program for adults with the participation of Russian pop stars, with numerous stalls whose owners offer guests traditional delicacies.

New Year is worth spending in Cyprus because the cost of the holiday here will be lower than in other European countries, and the pleasure you can get, a lot more. It is nice to ski on the slopes of Troodos, and an hour later to be near the warm sea, throw off your ski suit, dress in light clothes and sip on strong Cypriot coffee, admiring the blue distance.

Many wonder whether it is possible to bathe in Cyprus in the winter. I guess it depends on what temperature you find comfortable. Some tourists and even Cypriots swim all year round, because the water temperature in Cyprus in December is around +15°С — +16°C. The main thing is that there are strong winds. Another option is to purchase a suit that is able to keep your body temperature, and then you can enjoy swimming in the sea at any time of the year.

Ski resorts in Cyprus

Troodos in the winterHaven’t you heard about Cyprus’ ski resorts? It is an unfortunate omission. Among western tourists, they have long become popular, but in the Russian market is only the beginning of the emerging of proposals for a winter holiday in Cyprus.

Are the ski resorts in Cyprus worthy of attention? Assess yourself. The Troodos Nature Reserve, where the ski club is located, is at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. The ski resort was created with the support of the United Kingdom, where for a long tim, the tourists occupied a leading position in the Cyprus market. Currently Troodos Ski Club is a modern resort, which has created conditions for both beginners and professionals. Every year  international competitions in Alpine skiing are held in Cyprus.

The Ski Club has 4 rope tows, two of which are installed on the northern slope of Mount Olympos. With their help you climb the scenic slopes of Hera and Zeus, where you will find  five slopes of different level of difficulty. The first ski lift, whose length is 364 m, is able to lift 400 skiers per hour. The second is 260 m. Another 2 lifts that lead to the slopes of Hermes and Aphrodite are located in Sun Valley, where there are four ski slopes.

The cost of a day ski-pass is 12-13 euros. You can also rent ski equipment in Troodos. There are two slopes for beginners, and if you want to teach children Alpine skiing, you can use the services provided. Troodos in the winterTraining is provided for children and adults, both individually and in groups. Experienced instructors will recommend the necessary equipment, which can be purchased at a nearby store.The most popular skiing areas are the “cheesecakes” on the slopes.

The numerous mountain villages in Troodos offer both options,  simple accommodation in traditional houses with all the necessary amenities and well-appointed luxury villas with a sauna, a fireplace in the room and even a heated pool. The cost of accommodation starts from 30 euros per person per day. After an exciting day on the slopes, you can dine in a traditional tavern and enjoy the delicious and divine homemade wine.

If you do not like skiing, you can just get some refreshing mountain air and take a walk in the picturesque surroundings. The ski season in Cyprus lasts from December to late March.


So, when choosing Cyprus for winter holidays, you get the following benefits:

  • the combination of skiing with resting by the coast;
  • the presence of a mild climate and a comfortable temperature (about +15°С —  +20°C on the coast and -5°С — -10°C at the ski resort);
  • the opportunity to take gastronomic tours in Cyprus and buy the freshest olive oil and wine, enjoy the most succulent citrus fruit and bananas.


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