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Cyprus’ beaches: Avdimou

Avdimou Beach

The beach, located near Avdimou village, can rightly be called one of the best in Cyprus. Judge for yourself: the soft golden sand, great views, a light breeze and the waves make it a place where you can splash around to infinity …

Getting there

Avdimou BeachThe road to the beach does not take much of your time: you’re headed in the direction of Limassol and Paphos and are driving about 30 kmph. If you follow not the main road (A6), but the lower road (B6), then you will get the bonus of spectacular views and the open sea.

If you follow the road from Paphos, after the village of Pissouri (Pissouri) closely follow the signs and do not miss a turn. In this area there are two popular beaches, but it is better to follow the one which is in front of the village Avdimou, if you are driving from Limassol. If you can not find the turn, then ask the locals where the Zias Beach Club is, owned by the Aphrodite Hills hotel.

On the main road you follow the small “country” trail along the beautiful vineyards, located on both of your sides. At this point you will be wondering, where is the beach? But do not worry, just about one kilometer following along the vineyards, you will be brought before the ruins of some ancient buildings and two restaurants.

Incidentally, this beach is among the few in Cyprus which turtles choose for nesting every year. So if you come here in August, you will definitely see special signs and fencing along with a view of the majestic tranquil species of sea turtles (Caretta Caretta).

Restaurants on the beach

 Zias Beach Club reastaurantWhat awaits you at the beach? There are two restaurants, each of which is unique in its own way.

In one of them you will be offered traditional Cypriot cuisine. By the way, this place is a favorite establishment for relaxation among the English living on the island. The cost of meals is quite normal and the people here are quite a lot during the weekends in the summer, so it is better to book a table in advance. The only downside of the restaurant is that it has its own deck chairs there, so if you want to sunbathe and eat at the same time, your unlikely to do so since there are no sunbeds.
In the second restaurant – Zias Beach Club – relaxing will be more pleasant, from our point of view. The Beach Club belongs to the Aphrodite Hills hotel, but the number of people here (even in peak season) is sufficiently small, so your relaxing time will not be interrupted.

The restaurant at the club opens at 12:00. Do not miss the opportunity to dine at this place: It is worth noting the traditional dips, prepared accordingly to special recipes, one of the best “Caesar’s” salad in Cyprus and gently stewed lamb.

The average bill in a restaurant is about 70-80 euros with a bottle of nice white wine Petritis for example (winery Kyperounta). For a 5 * Beach Club this is perfectly acceptable, but the quality of food will keep you pleasantly surprised. The restaurant is open from April to November.

Let’s go in the water!

Avdimou BeachThe beach here is to meet the requirements of the most discerning travelers: with a flat entrance, quickly warmed sea, beautiful views that you can enjoy while being in the water and on the coast, and also a beach lifeguard.

The only drawback from our point of view, is the lack of water sports. The perfect complement to this holiday is the presence of small waves, as well as the opportunity to swim at a depth of not so far from the coast at the popular Kourion beach.

If you want to take advantage of the beach club (towels, sun beds, umbrella service on the beach), then you will need to pay extra (12 euros for 2 sunbeds + umbrella), but you will will incur these costs as desired. You can sit in a restaurant, enjoy boat trips and swimming in the sea, and for your comfort on the beach, there are changing rooms and showers.

Who would like it?

Our view: the beach is ideally suited for lovers planning a slack day, for families with children (although some of them will be quite bored here because of the lack of water sports), for couples who want to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean Sea in a tranquil setting as well as for all those who seek tranquility and relaxation in a paradise setting.


Zias Beach Club restaurant