Coravin And Vinturi: Wine Accessories In Cyprus

Coravin and Vinturi: Wine Accessories in Cyprus

Coravin Coravin

Coravin is a device which allows you to try any wine without opening the bottle.

Once it makes contact with the air, wine can keep its flavour for 1-7 days. It’s practically impossible to determine the quality of the wine or try a few at a time, without sacrificing the whole bottle.

Greg Lambert, who are both connoisseurs of good wine and have experience in the development of medical devices, have created this wine accessory which allows you to sample several wines in one evening. The primary function of Coravin is to prevent oxidation so the wines don’t lose their qualities.

Coravin’s stylish appearance complements its functionality – it looks like a gadget James Bond would use. The device is equally useful to simple wine lovers, as well as experienced professionals.

Using Coravin

The device is simple to use and convenient. Coravin’s primary element is a capsule with inert argon gas, which, by creating additional pressure in the bottle, “pushes” the wine through a thin Teflon-coated needle directly into the glass. Once the device is removed the cork naturally seals the bottle.

Thanks to this procedure, the wine does not oxidise and can continue its “life”, resting and ageing until it has developed the desired characteristics.

Regular shipments of the Coravin device to Cyprus began on 14th April 2016.

Who needs Coravin:

  • restaurants and bars;
  • wine collectors;
  • tasters and sommeliers;
  • those who love to sample wines without spoiling the bottle.

Vinturi Vinturi

It’s no secret that red wines release their deep flavour once open to the air, which is the reason for decanters. However, this method takes time and is not always convenient.

Vinturi allows you to enjoy wine as soon as you open the bottle, using the patented device to speed up the decanting process.

To aerate the wine, you only need to pour it through the Vinturi. The apparatus saturates the entire volume of air necessary for the amount of wine in a single pass while filtering the precipitate in the bottle.

The device doesn’t require special maintenance and can be rinsed under running water.


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