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Wintering in Cyprus: the unique entertainment on the island

Зима на Кипре

It’s easy to choose what to do in Cyprus in the summer – the beautiful  Mediterranean Sea and the sunny weather calls for an immediate surrender to the pleasures of travel: to swim and sunbathe. However, in winter, Cyprus turns into an island of contrasts.

Here you can ski in the Troodos mountains in the morning, and lie on the beach or go swimming in the Mediterranean Sea in the afternoon. Temperatures in the mountains are much lower than on the coast, that’s why the first snow in Troodos appears in the middle of December.

How to spend a fun winter in Cyprus – read on.

Cyprus is a place, where dreams come true

Do you like an extreme ski-vacation, hot club parties or quiet family gatherings?  Whether you want to sail on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea, visit with flamingos or hunt octopus – all your dreams can be realized in Cyprus.

Troodos winterExtreme New Year celebration on the top of Olympus

If you can’t imagine the winter without sparkling snow, glittering snowdrifts and extreme sensa-tions, then you will love Troodos.

Here, on Mount Olympos, which is the highest point of the island are located Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite and Hermes – the ski and snowboarding trails, named after Olympian Gods. You can conquer the Olympus even on the first ski-level – Hera and Aphrodite are suitable for newcomers, but Zeus is definitely only for professionals. You can feel like an Olympic God and enjoy the beauty of snow-covered Cyprus, even on a sled!

Ski season in Cyprus is open from the beginning of January until the end of March.

Looking for a miracle in mountains

PlatresIf you like to walk and admire the winter Cyprus, then a hiking trail is for you. There are a few hik-ing trails near Troodos. One of them runs around the Olympus Mount, stretches along the pictur-esque river Krios Potamos and passes the Caledonian Falls. On your way you will pass the Cedar Valley, the famous pottery village Kakopetria and Fini, and churches and monasteries.

Beautiful Cypriot mountains, framed by the white snow, will take you to a real winter wonderland.


…and only the waves may be better than mountains!

 Winter sea in Cyprus

Going down to the coast, it is difficult to believe that an hour’s drive from the sea it is snowing, be-cause the air temperature at noon here is 22°C.

However, the water is not so warm – about 16-18°C in winter. If such a temperature is not to your comfort then you can swim in the indoor heated swimming pool (if you are a tourist), or take a sea cruise on a yacht!

Toward happiness with the full sails

What could be more pleasant than sailing on a yacht in the Mediterranean?  A cruise on a snow-white yacht can be a romantic trip for a couple, or an original venue for fun parties with friends. In any case – it is one of the most fabulous ways to relax in Cyprus in the winter!

Learn more about boat trips and renting yachts here.

Octopus hunting


Cyprus also has activities for the fishermen and lovers of the exotic. Octopus hunting is popular all year round, but the catch is often richer in the winter.

Octopus hunting is always carried out near Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos and Ayia Napa. It is better to hunt octopus at night, because this is the most effective time for such underwater fishing. You can take away the octopus you catch, or kindly let it go free. In any case – it will be something to brag about when you return back home.

Pink Flamingos – touch the dream


In winter, these graceful long-legged birds arrive on salt lakes of Larnaca and Limassol, where they are met by delighted tourists with cameras. Flamingos fly to the island from the first December rains, and return home around the middle of February.

Due to their exotic colour, flamingos are called “pink”, and sometimes even – «the children of the sunset». However, this does not mean that they are entirely pink – its original shade feathers are hidden beneath the snow-white wings. Bright pink clouds can be seen clearly on the background of the blue sky and sea as they fly overhead..

And finally…

Historical Atlas

Wherever you are, in every corner of the island you will find something interesting and informative – whether it is a museum of Nicosia, the Baths of Aphrodite in Paphos, the ancient town of Keaton in Larnaca, winery or exhibition “Historical Atlas” in Limassol (hyperlink to “ATLAS “).

The island can be a great place for walking tours in December, because the average daily tempera-ture reaches 18 – 22°C. In addition, winter in Cyprus is the time for citrus fruits to ripen and almond trees to blossom, so the island, surrounded by orange fruits and delicate almond scents, invites you to walk under the warm winter sun!

Cyprus – is a place, where you can spend time with fun in unusual way and fulfill a cherished dream!


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